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Loader Scraper is how to work to explain the manufacturer


 Mining industry, Scraper loader has count is a very familiar with the equipment, because early in the process of mining is almost every mines will use the device, because the scraper machine can completely replace manual mucking, the loading efficiency, thereby improving the tunneling speed or speed of mining. In our contact mines, mainly is 1.8 meters to 4 meters in the refinery or coal plant can choose corresponding Scraper loader to use. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of specifications of the loader Scraper, welcome to inquire to buy. About the mechanical principle of the work we have said before, in fact, is the motor drive winch, winch drive wire rope, wire rope driven by the bucket to carry out the work of the.


    The working principle of Scraper loader is the working principle of the hoist and further improved. Its working principle is through the winch drum respectively traction rope main and tail rope made rake bucket reciprocating motion to rock grilled feed chute to discharge chute discharge port discharge into the tub or skip within, so as to realize the rock loading operation. About the working principle of the winch: by the motor, reducer, as well as two planetary transmission drum and two sets of brake and auxiliary brake band. Brake actually plays the role of the clutch, respectively, for the control of the two rollers. Work, brake tight work drum brakes, the inner gear stop running, planetary gear in the center wheel drive along the inner gear rolling, so that by the planet gear drives the roller to rotate and winding wire rope traction scraper, which enables the scraper bucket in a head-on loading rod stone along the trough to discharge discharge port. Please pay attention to more information MuckingLoader manufacturers: www.pazhaji.com.

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Important composition of loader Scraper:
The scraper bucket in the main rope, tail rope traction under reciprocating motion to pick rock, can be used for horizontal and inclined roadway. Tooth wear can be changed; operating mechanism consists of two groups: control rod, rod, connecting rod, screw etc.. Adjustment screw with one end of the winch brake belt connected by manipulating the control rod brake band of opening and closing, the winch drum were manipulated. Operating lever can be installed in winch of left and right side manipulation; trolley is composed of a frame, wheels, meet and, it is scraper bucket to pack the rock machine frame and walking, carrying the entire weight of the rock machine. On a trolley mounted winch, operating mechanism, pneumatic system and is provided with a support bracket and pillar of the middle groove, the front and back of the car is equipped with four sets of rail card. As a fixed machine drift rock loading.
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