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Slag pick-up machine, mining loader, slagging machine price


A lot of people donundefinedt know what kind of equipment a slag picker is. Letundefineds put it simply, a slag picker is a mine loader, so many people will understand, a lot of people know what to do with the loader. A mine loader means a loading machine used in a mine tunnel.This is precisely the case with our slagging machines, which can be used for loading in tunnels. Although slag pickers are considered to be a cold-door industry product, at present there are quite a number of manufacturers in China. In particular, in order to enter the market, the small manufacturers that have recently emerged have reduced the price of the scraps to a very low level. Many customers do not understand and hear that the prices are cheap, so they buy them. When buying it back to use for a month and finding that the quality is quite bad, there is a saying in China that "once bitten by a snake, 10 years afraid of a well rope," he is worried about buying a scrape machine.


So how should we choose the slag machine manufacturer? How to choose the quality and high quality slag blower? At present, from the perspective of our industry of slagging machines, from the point of view of the manufacturers with a long history and a long time to manufacture them, there are two in Jiangxi, two in Hubei and two in Sichuan. In view of the prices of these six scraps, Cinder prices from 85000 to 500000, of course, according to the model price.The average price of a belt scraper is between 80, 000 and 118000, the average price of a scraper is between 135000 and 180000, and the price of a crawler is between 225000 and 500000. The above prices are the six long-standing and large-scale slag machine manufacturers comprehensive average price.
So we should not just look at the price when we buy the scraps. We should look at the quality first, and then compare the prices. Only in this way can we buy the high-quality cinder, the cinder machine. It is very good for our future mining, can save labor, but also can complete a project at a very fast speed. When the cinder machine with our diesel four-wheeled car, four unlike the car, slag efficiency is unparalleled!

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