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The characteristics of Scraperwinch scraper winch refinement


Scraperwinch, the scraper winch was broad, the friends of mine are called coal raking machine, scraper. It is mainly used in coal or metal mine mining area above, for will be soft after the slag scraping to the ideal position, for example, in the mining area our ideal location distance is 30-100 meters, and artificial is not very convenient or said is not very safe. Then we can use Scraperwinch to replace the manual will be to take an ideal location to slag raking, and loading. Scraperwinch according to the principle of winch, wire rope driven scraper bucket grilled to slag, from a distance pull back to ideal location, and sending back to the mining face, for a new round of PA operation, convenient and quick.


The main function of Scraperwinch:2JPB series scraper winch, Scraperwinch, slusher mainly used for all kinds of mining tunnel slope is less than 44 degrees of mining area using, will be far from the ore grilled to front of you or you want to pick to place to, instead of artificial digging slag of risk, and effectively provided high work efficiency, is the mining area, mining the deslagging device of popular and applicable.

Scraper device Scraperwinch winch is mainly composed of three parts:
Slusher machine, steel casting scraper bucket, pulley, the big three. Users also need to buy another rope to go around to the electric rake host which can then be used to mine inside the installation when in use. Scraperwinch installation design can see the following to design and installation, you can according to their actual situation to design the installation. For more details please pay attention to drossing machine website: www.pazhaji.com



The user can according to their actual situation. The above data is selected according to the model, which can realize the modernization of the largest mine mining. Scraperwinch peacetime maintenance is very simple, is inside the tooth box plus the amount of gear oil, and usually pay attention to the steel wire rope usage and a guide wheel wear degree, timely replacement of steel wire rope and a guide wheel pulley, brake band can be basically to protect the equipment can be used in 3-6 years old.

Daily maintenance of Scraperwinch:
Scraperwinch daily maintenance is very simple, mainly is in the process of using wire rope is intact, if it is found that the wire rope has been off the case, please replace the new rope immediately. The new machine in 30 days, will need to loosen the screw reducer below, gear oil clean, refilling new gear oil. Then 90 of each work days after the replacement of gear oil, it helps protect the teeth inside the gear box and winch. Second is in brake band filling butter butter mouth inside the ring gear parts, every 15 days need on time in each of butter nozzle position inside to add the butter, help to winch gear lubrication, prevent gear oil shortage and break.

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