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MuckingLoader assistant special wind tunnel tricycle


   Said tunnel with what car transport as a slag car. During the past few years, not what can choose, tractor, but the tractors in the tunnel steering is very convenient, after all too long, for now we can choose the slag truck: Shifeng tricycles, grotesque tractors and agricultural vehicles. The most widely used of the, use the most widely or Shifeng tricycle, because the body is short and easy to turn, playing in the gravity by recognition of the majority of the workers. For the average 2 meters around the tunnel can use the car. Second is about 3 meters of the tunnel, you can choose grotesque tractor, its gravity is strong, and the body is relatively short, overall length just than Shifeng tricycle long 10 cm. However, it can load 6 tons, and can carry a cubic slag. If the tunnel is a little bigger, you can choose the wind Fengshun car. So in the slag transporting device, when the wind is in recent years is the name of the.


    From our current seems to with the MuckingLoader slag slag conveying the best partner is our Shifeng tricycle or four-wheel vehicle the. Shifeng tricycle, Shifeng diesel tricycle, tricycle of mining engineering, diesel three wheeled dump truck, mainly used for construction and mining engineering, which construction site main pulling transport concrete and slag. Mine engineering main transport tunnel inside the slag. When the tricycle with self unloading function so easy unloading. And the car with the auxiliary gear, then pull climbing can also use, do not worry about not pull. Two local wind tricycle used in place of course more than just said, it uses a lot of places. For more information, enjoy the attention MuckingLoader factory store: www.pazhaji.com-澳门威尼斯人众乐博


    Shifeng Shifeng tricycle, four wheeled vehicle, agricultural vehicle: Shifeng Shifeng slogan, Shifeng Shifeng open road! When brand diesel tricycle is definitely your good helper slag! It is not only the load capacity can also drive from slag to unloading, unloading, only need a driver can. The usual maintenance is also very convenient, maintenance more convenient. The wind in the hand, absolutely free! Who buy my company Shifeng series models, have warranty for three months to one year commitment if, instead of repair, we only in old renewed! You buy the rest assured, with more satisfactory!

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