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The use of MuckingLoader and the first phase of the maintenance instructions


We need to know how to maintain, how to protect it in the process of using MuckingLoader, when you love it, it will naturally "love to repay" you. First of all, we know, familiarize themselves with the instructions for use must be before the operation MuckingLoader, but whenever we see so thick the instructions we have many people will go to seriously look at it? Answer is negative, we hit an example to say, 10 people inside to see can cannot be drawn out of a human operator go reading instruction, at most is MuckingLoader a fault will be to see the instructions.


     Joking apart, we want to say today is how to correct operation MuckingLoader. When we MuckingLoader from manufacturers to the site, generally are will technical personnel immediately to the site of MuckingLoader for detecting and debugging, and then to the site operation personnel technical training for operation. Therefore, before using our MuckingLoader, we must be through the training of our posts to be used. Prior to operation should be checked, 1: check the power system, wire, cable connector is intact without damage phenomenon. The connection line should be intact, without burning, loose phenomenon. 2, check the hydraulic system. 3, check the operating system: the control handle should be in a neutral position, the operation should be flexible, no card lag phenomenon. 4, check the conveyor system: Conveyor Belt should be in good condition, the tension is appropriate.


    Homework should remember the main operation methods: falling off the arm, arm, left arm and right arm, a small arm, a small arm; digging bucket, arm, arm the ballast stone grilled to transport tank, conveyor belt will stone ballast delivery to the side unloading truck or other mineral transport equipment on. Before the operation shall be the no-load running and no load operation, until the oil temperature not lower than 20 DEG can work, if the temperature is higher than 80 DEG C when should investigation of the cause. The operator should memorize every action of the handle, to feel manipulated, should focus on the bucket on the line of sight. Pull the handle when the action should be smooth, so as to avoid the hydraulic shock and damage components and parts. In operation or debugging, and strictly prohibited within the scope of the bucket, no contact rotating parts. Failure or abnormal noise, should immediately stop the inspection, and cut off the total power supply. Is strictly prohibited without permission to adjust the safety valve pressure, so as to avoid damage to the hydraulic components or affect performance, such as unauthorized adjustment of work pressure is a violation of the operating behavior. When the control handle is stuck, it is not allowed to operate on the hard line, which should be checked to eliminate the blocking phenomenon.

MuckingLoader operation to see the simple, but there is a lot of hidden need our attention, I hope users in this piece of the article should be paid attention to. These are not only in order to make the MuckingLoader life can be more long-term, but also to the mining area and operation of the safety of MuckingLoader personnel.

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