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Scraper loader's Readme


Scraper loader, as an early acting mine loading equipment is also a brilliant period of history, the early Scraper loader price profit in 38%, and now the profit is less than 2%. This, too, is now updated technology equipment instead of the reasons for it. And now mines, especially coal mine more and more bad, so for Scraper loader on demand, greatly shrunk. We as scraper bucket to pack the rock machine, since I came to this world has for human served 50 year, 50 years is not long, not too short, at least we and our friends of mine who together "alongside" work, but also for the countless mine brought the rapid production. Now need to mine and we Scraper loader less and less, but we will still for our existence and make greater efforts, let our work more smoothly, as Scraper loader manufacturers, also will make the quality of the stronger Scraper loader.


  We will not because of low profit now Jerry production substandard products, we will keep our Scraper loader proud to live! Although the number of Scraper loader are now used less, but in some places, some conditions, can only use it, without it, it really can't do anything. Scraper loader in Chinese early, a lot of made outstanding contributions to the exploitation of coal mine, to speed up the loading operation of underground coal mine for the majority of the industry, improve the production efficiency. Because if there is no use equipment is loaded tunnel is usually 4-6 class, two classes a day, and one day perhaps most can only put two guns. Although taken Scraper loader, usually 2-3 classes, two classes a day, a day up to four guns, so that not only accelerated the tunneling speed, reduce the manual labor, at the same time for mine safety has provided a guarantee. Then the Scraper loader is how to be loaded directly into the slag car? Planetary gear transmission is used for the original host Scraper loader parts. The series Scraper loader has characteristics of rocks with high efficiency, simple structure, good reliability, convenient operation, applicable range wide, Scraper loader not only can for entry, and can use in the 30 degrees below the oblique lane, is improving the driving speed, the tunnel boring machine (TBM) is one of the main mechanical equipment.


In the mining industry, Scraper loader in hand, worry about driving no progress! The price of MuckingLoader, manufacturers Scraper loader, the electric rake, as in Sichuan Ruidi pass, the company mainly produce and sell: MuckingLoader, Scraper loader, rake bucket rock loader, scraper loader, scraper, scraper, scraper winch and grotesque transport slag cars, forklifts, diesel vehicle with four wheels, more products, blenders, and so on, enjoy the attention: www.pazhaji.com MuckingLoader factory

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