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Chengdu Sichuan MuckingLoader(Scraper loader)manufacturers


Global MuckingLoader(Scraper loader) where to find? China Sichuan reddy! Sichuan Chengdu Ruidi through specializing in the production of manufacturing MuckingLoader, Scraper loader, loaded rock machine, a slag machine tunnel loading equipment. Loader Scraper (rake) is mainly used for mining and mining loading equipment of mine tunnel and diversion tunnel. At present, the tunnel loading equipment mainly includes: the tunnel loader, MuckingLoader and the rake bucket loader, the tunnel loader is mainly used for the larger tunnel, for example: the use of the highway tunnel excavation loading. MuckingLoader is mainly applied to tunnel down tunnel under 5 meters, using the tunnel for 2.5 meters to 4.8 meters. Finally, the scraper loader is mainly used for the installation of coal mine and non coal mine.


    MuckingLoader is mainly by the manipulator and transmission parts, MuckingLoader driver in manipulator will slag macadam grilled to conveying chute feed port and by the conveyor delivered directly to the discharging tail and unloading material tail behind directly with agricultural diesel tricycle or car or car to meet the material and transport tunnel to complete the whole process of slag.



   Scraper loader is mainly by scraper and jumbo with winch part composition, Scraper loader of the operating personnel operating the clutch brake back and forth the wire rope drives the rake bucket, scraper bucket from a height using scraper bucket of gravity down from the PA from slag macadam, with the steel wire rope traction to feed chute subsequently pulled directly discharging groove, slag macadam by unloading chute slipped to the following car. Finally, by car transport mines completed the entire process of slag.
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