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The operation of MuckingLoader safety warning


MuckingLoader usually used for metal mines and using a slope mine, in the first use of MuckingLoader time must be after the operation training of the company staff to take up the post. At the same time prior to installation, commissioning, maintenance of this machine, please please read the detail of the MuckingLoader use maintenance instructions.
MuckingLoader operation the driver must undergo a rigorous training, certificates.Strictly abide by the provisions of the maintenance of the instructions must be used - the use of the maintenance process.- mark belongs to the safety control management of the machine product, must obtain safety signs. If the replacement is in use, should be so.MuckingLoader in the installation, debugging, operation and maintenance process, strictly prohibited the size of arm rotation radius. In the maintenance or grease, oil cylinder force must have protection support.Electrical equipment - supporting MuckingLoader shall comply with GB 3836.1-2000 ~ GB 3836.4-2000 regulations, and shall be approved by the explosion-proof inspection agency authorized by the state explosion test, and obtained the certificate of mine product safety signs.


Important note about MuckingLoader:

In the late stage of the process if without changing the safety standard parts, safety signs should be selected with the product and ensure the overall matching. Only qualified personnel in order to allow the installation and operation of this equipment, qualified personnel according to the safety regulations and standards have been authorized for installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance personnel. The first installation recommended in the staff under the guidance of manufacturers. For more information please pay attention MuckingLoader MuckingLoader factory's official website: www.pazhaji.com



The first installation and debugging on the MuckingLoader:
MuckingLoader installation must have professional installation. According to the structure characteristics of the machine according to the requirements of the drawings for installation.1, trial running in front of the preparatory work: confirm the circuit is switched on, cable elastic moderate; to confirm the oil has been in accordance with the provisions of the hydraulic oil filling; on the joint pin shaft and cylinder parts with surface friction between the coated with grease.2, test run: start walking system for machine running is normal, the steering system is flexible, and then start conveying system is functioning properly. Then start the mining part, see stretching arm is normal, stretching arm rotation is flexible.

Language: usually in my company to buy MuckingLoader. Our company will free arrangement working personnel in the site of specified personnel training and guidance, so there is no need to worry about buy the machine and use does not happen, we further training process as much as possible to learn, study and daily maintenance MuckingLoader operation and use of the is actually very simple, usually only need to three hours can learn, but in the process of the use of late still need to slowly groping, China has cooked sentence saying: Master gets the door, by personal practice. Sichuan Reddy - MuckingLoader manufacturing plant.

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